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  • VIDEO: Daniel Chester French: Sculpting an American Vision

    VIDEO: Daniel Chester French: Sculpting an American Vision

    This video was produced to illustrate the life and accomplishments of Daniel Chester French, through it we hope to provide a primer on this remarkable individual which will provide better context of why he built and resided at Chesterwood, in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, for half of the year.

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  • VIDEO: Conversation with Leonda Froehlich Finke, CSC 2011 Guest Sculptor

    VIDEO: Conversation with Leonda Froehlich Finke, CSC 2011 Guest Sculptor

    Leonda Froehlich Finke lives and works in Roslyn, NY. Largely self-taught, she has been creating sculpture for more than 50 years. This conversation, conducted by Donna Hassler, Director of Chesterwood, was held on the piazza of the studio at Chesterwood during the summer of 2011.

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  • The Minute Man

    The Minute Man

    In the small town of Concord, Massachusetts, there stands one of the greatest icons of American art, dedicated one hundred years to the day after the Revolutionary War battle it commemorated. In 1872, a committee of citizens awarded a commission to create a monument commemorating the battle at the North Bridge to promising local sculptor Dan French (who was only 22 years old at the time). French, who had never executed a full-sized figure, jumped at the opportunity and agreed […]

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  • Lincoln Memorial

    Lincoln Memorial

    When Daniel Chester French began his life as a sculptor, the most famous American public monuments were portrait figures and equestrian statues, installed in the rotundas of public buildings and in parks.  The Lincoln Memorial, executed at the end of his career, reflects the expansion of the role of both the artist and architect.  Both figures had become dramatists of the nation’s core meaning, its most basic values, commitments, and memories. Each year, over four million visitors make the pilgrimage to the Lincoln […]

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  • The Continents

    The Continents

    Following the Spanish-American War (April-August, 1898), the vast territorial empire that was the United States extended from Cuba to the Philippines.  By the early 1900s, approximately three-quarters of all federal revenue came from customs duties, most of it through the bustling port of New York.  Sited in lower Manhattan, the scale and splendor of the U.S. Custom House (1900-07) symbolized the nation’s burgeoning international influence.  Like so many of the great projects of the American Renaissance, it told its story […]

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  • Samuel F. Dupont Memorial

    “A dry fountain is a pitiful spectacle…” – Daniel Chester French to the Commission of Fine Arts   In 1882, Congress authorized the creation of a statue honoring Civil War Admiral Samuel du Pont, to be located in a newly-fashionable neighborhood in the District of Columbia, not far from the White House.  The du Pont family, however, never liked the statue.  In 1917, in keeping with changing aesthetics, they hired French to replace the statue with a more “artistic” memorial. […]

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  • Permanent


    Daniel Chester French: Sculpting an American Vision On exhibit in the Barn Gallery at Chesterwood is a showcase of important works that evoke the breadth and scope of French’s career, as well as dramatize the scale and proportion of these four core monuments: The Minute Man, Concord, Massachusetts (1875) The Continents, United States Custom House, New York (1906) Samuel F. Dupont Memorial, the fountain at Dupont Circle, Washington, DC (1921) Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC (1922) The […]

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  • Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood 2010

    Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood 2010

    CSC 2010 was guest curated by Richard Klein, Exhibitions Director of The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. [ Read More → ]

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  • Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood 2009

    Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood 2009

    July 4 – October 31, 2009 Guest Curator & Juror: Denise Markonish, Curator, MASS MoCA June Ahrens Brian Auwarter Pat Brentano Bramnick Rick Brown Gordon Chandler Ursula Clark Linda Cross Dana Filibert Gene Montez Flores Susan Flores Richard Garrison Tom Gottsleben Lucy Hodgson Bob Keating Elizabeth Knowles Lin Lisberger Greg Lock Iain Machell Kaete Brittin Shaw Matthew Weber Support, in part, was provided by: The McKenzie Family Foundation * Leslie Belt * Jeannene Booher * Nancy Fitzpatrick / High Meadow Foundation * Robert & […]

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  • Lillian Heller Curator’s Award

    Lillian Heller Curator’s Award

    Lillian Heller began her devotion to sculpture at the age of sixty. Although she was always artistic, it was not until her retirement that she was able to fully develop her passion for sculpture. Lillian was born in 1917 in New York City. In 1939, she married Harry Heller. Over the next forty years, they established several successful businesses in New York. In 1977, she began to study sculpture with Dino Fabrizio in Manhattan. Though she came to her art […]

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